Multilingual Mac Computer Lab Bundle

Multilingual Mac Computer Lab Bundle

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• Install on up to 20 Mac computers at a reduced price.


Features of NLVM v3.0 application

• Make Activity feature for all manipulatives. Easily create an html webpage with activity instructions and interactive manipulative. Customize using any text editing software (Notepad, Microsoft Word, Dreamweaver, etc.) and then share with other teachers and students! New feature added to v3.0!

• Installable on individual computers and servers, enabling use without internet connection and eliminating problems of high traffic and downtime on NLVM Internet Edition website. New feature added to v3.0!

• Save Work feature in 27 of the more complex manipulatives allows teachers to pre-set problems for demonstrations or assignments, and students to save completed work for review.

• Print Image feature for all manipulatives. A single click prints current manipulative configuration to printer or monotone.

• Export Image feature makes it easy to save color "snapshots" (in jpg format) of manipulatives for access outside the NLVM. New feature added to v3.0!

• Data Load feature in statistics manipulatives allows import of tab or comma delimited data.

• Multilingual edition allows you to change instantly from one language to another (English, Spanish, French, and Chinese.) New feature added to v3.0!